• Cancrobot

    Cancer diagnostics using nanorobots

  • Declare a war against cancer

    Cancer accounts for 9.6 million deaths in the world. Early diagnosis will increase the rate of survival by 5-10 times. Cancrobot's diagnostic kit fluoresces when it captures cancer biomarker, allowing clinicians to do point-of-care diagnostics.

  • Cutting edge science & machine learning

    The current solutions still struggle to detect cancer especially if the cancer's DNA is present in a very low amount. Our diagnostic test is more sensitive and will be able to detect cancer earlier, which means patients have a higher chance of survival.


    With machine learning, we are able to predict how the DNA of the cancer cells will evolve overtime and we will be able to design tests for that before it evolves. This makes us a few steps ahead in the chess game.

  • About Us

    Founded by scientists specialised in AI, Nanotechnology, and Pharmacology, we are on a mission to eradicate cancer.


    We are also backed by academics in top universities, clinicians, industrial leaders, and Entrepreneur First.

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    Tower Bridge Business Complex, 100 Drummond Road, London SE16 4DG